“Holy Terroir” english version

Hey, this is time to start a new blog in english! After all, in Canada where french and english are the two official languages, it is a good place to get the inspiration to do so. You can read the french version of  Holy Terroir already for almost 3 weeks now. Just follow the link on the side.  After a lot of hours spent in front of the computer trying to figure out how to include both languages on the blog, finally this is the  creation of  a new blog which seemed to be the most appropriate.  I’m just keeping on searching the options available on it. This is really amazing the possibilities we can find on a blog to express ourself…No publisher, no editor, no journalist, so  easy to publish on the web.   It is never to late to discover new things!Toronto over the lake Ontario

In this blog you’ll read posts about wine, travels, farming…and many more subjects. If you don’t read french ( which is absolutly understandable, that’s why this blog is for ! ) and you haven’t seen the french version of Holy Terroir, I’m now in Toronto starting a 5 months journey accross  Canada and USA.  The car is already bought thanks to my friend Lena, and the Black beauty (the car’s nick name) is ready to hit the road!

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