Beyond wine

After this busy Green living show in Toronto las week-end, the least I could do was to come to the country side for a bit and enjoy the fresh air that it provides. Everytime I’m coming to a city it’s like tuning up a musical instrument with the particular wave lenght this city possesses. It takes a lot of energy out of one’s self to live in a vibrant and never sleeping place like Toronto. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this cosmopolitan surrounding which reminds me in a way London in the UK. We can find every corner of the world represented in here from China town to little Italy or from little India to the Jamaican area.

This international atmosphere, I found it again with the Biovino winetasting. It has been of a great help to get in touch with the North American wine trade at this show and hear what is going on in the organic and biodynamic movements around the world. But this is only one side of what is happening right now in the business, the other side – the core of it – is happening in the field obviously . To understand a wine, we have to understand the place where it is coming from and the people who made it. My focus being biodynamics, that means I want to get a bigger picture of farms and to see them as true living organisms – according to Rudolf Steiner words, the founder of Biodynamic in 1924. That’s why Saugeen River CSA, the biodynamic mixed farm where I’ll be staying now, just 2 hours away from Toronto, is the perfect place to go beyond wine and understand a complete farm system with animals, vegetables, cereals, fruits trees and other crops. Because a good wine cannot be made without healthy vine plants grown on living soil, I’ll observe a bit closer here how minerals, vegetals, animals, and humans interact with one an other, a vine plant being only a plant amongst other plants with the only particularity to produce a fruit – when pressed and the juice fermented – able to fill your heart with joy, open up you mind and let you be closer to the heavens.

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