Secret wine

Back in th UK more than a week ago, I’ve been asked to participate to this blind tasting organised by the communication  agency “Clair de Lune”  in the Rhône valley.  Three bottles arrived recently, with ‘Secret wine’ written on them.

I am just waiting the right moment to open them and taste them. Only few days left, just enough to take the time and guess what the wine could be.  In my opinion, a blind tasting is THE way to taste wine and it should be mandatory for each bottle of wine to be tasted by a panel of wine lover before being released on the market. From my point of view, some “Château” or other “Grand cru” could have some unexpected surprise after a blind tasting. Fame, name, and labels are not anymore here. Integrity and objectivity that’s it!

Elegant bottle for an original tasting dedicated to wine bloggers

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