The Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, East Troy (Wisconsin)

In Wisconsin, 80 miles north west of Chicago

Last fall at Emerson College, attending the bio-dynamic agriculture training, I remember having come across Christopher Mann, an energetic and elegant senior, right at the entrance of the campus. “Come and visit our centre in

Christopher Mann and Karen his assistant

Wisconsin USA” was one of the few words we exchanged that day on a cloudy and cold morning. I remember his talkative mood and enthusiasm for this centre he was talking about: Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, north west of Chicago at the border with the state of Illinois. A centre he is the co-founder of.

The Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

“The Michael Fields Agricultural Institute (MFAI) is an independent

Walter Goldstein is doing some research on maïs

educational and research organization that received its non profit status in 1984. Michael Fields was founded based on the ideals of ecologically-sound farming, bio-dynamic and resilient agriculture and food systems, enlivened cultural values, and the creation of opportunities for young people in applied agricultural sciences and food systems. Today MFAI has more than a dozen

Janet manages a 2 acres CSA which supplies vegetables for 75 families

experienced staff programming in an array of initiatives including farm and food education, public policy critique and development, farming and urban agricultural systems, and crop and soil applied research. Work is conducted on-site at several farms and at the office/laboratory/meeting facilities as well as off-site at urban and agricultural settings. MFAI is strategically located in East Troy, WI, a rich

Spacious and bright, inside the building we feel comfortable

agricultural and urban region bridging Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago cultural and economic centres. The Mission of MFAI is to cultivate the ecological, social, economic, and spiritual vitality of food and farming systems through education, research, public policy and market development.”

Yellow lillies give beauty to the garden

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