Route 66: Chicago – Los Angeles

From Chicago to Los Angeles, Route 66 is more than a 4000 kms drive

In a gift shop in Illinois

Feeling the 50's atmosphere

Trucks on their way too

Old route 66 does have its fans

Approaching the Mississipi river

Route 66 has been opened in the early 20's

Rolla in Missouri : Jesse, do you know this surrounding ?


20's section, 30's section or 60's section ? Getting lost on a dirt road.

Texas : half way to go

MidPoint café : Chicago-1139 miles Los Angeles-1139 miles

Indian Pueblos encounter in New Mexico


...and pride

Earthship world head-quarter in Taos, New Mexico

Open gate on a ranch

The Grand canyon in Arizona

Better have some water and gas

Fancy a gambling in Las Vegas, Nevada ?

Endless route 66 in the Mojave desert when it is 115°F outside (47°C)

The Pacific ocean welcomes us after Los Angeles

Santa Monica : route 66 west end
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